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Noun Phrases with Linking Verbs Self-Assessment


Having made notes with a partner (part 1) and experienced peer teaching (and peer learning) and making a video (part 2) in a group of four pupils should now be ready to work on their own. After answering the questions pupils then self-assess their work. The idea is to check that pupils’ individual understanding of Noun Phrases with Linking Verbs is secure. After completing this question and answer self-assessment unit pupils are in a position to see whether they are a purple monster (peer learner) or a green monster (peer teacher) of this topic. Purple monsters should be encouraged to watch videos on this topic.


Part 1: The Grammar LessonCollaboration

Pupils will work collaboratively in a pair to write brief notes and learn about the grammar topic in this lesson.

Part 2: Creating an ‘Expert’ GroupPeer Teaching

This pair will now work with another pair to teach what they know about the topic to each other – this will develop collaborative learning and peer teaching skills. In addition, a group of four ‘experts’ on this grammar topic has now been created. This expert group of four will now make a short video on the grammar topic and show their video to the rest of the class. Teachers can build a resource bank of the best videos for pupils to access.

Part 3: Individual Q & A – Self-Assessment

After experiencing collaborative learning and peer teaching of the grammar topic, pupils now need to work on their own to check that their individual understanding of the topic is secure.


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Noun Phrases with Linking Verbs - Self-Assessment - KS2 English Grammar Evidence Based Learning lesson
Noun Phrases with Linking Verbs Self-Assessment