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Caesar’s Second Invasion of Britain – Part I

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This lesson looks at Julius Caesar’s second invasion of Britain in 54 BC. It involves a comparison between his first invasion in 55 BC and his second invasion in 54 BC. This lesson is customisable for teachers to use whichever evidence-based learning they still think their pupils would benefit from practicing after having mastered the eight EBL skills in the Romans lesson 1 -25.



Each evidence-based learning (EBL) Roman history resource in the first set (lessons 1-25) is a complete lesson which uses the history curriculum as a framework through which each of the eight EBL skills can be mastered. The intention in the second set of  Romans lessons from number 26 onwards is that there are no prescribed EBL skills in each one. It is up to teachers to decide which skills need to be further developed according to the needs of their pupils.

1 review for Caesar’s Second Invasion of Britain – Part I

  1. 5 out of 5

    Philipem (verified owner)

    We asked a.i. to evaluate this resource. This is what it said:

    Overall Rating: 5 stars (excellent, comprehensive lesson)

    – Very thorough and detailed account of events covering reasons for second invasion, improvements made over first invasion, troop numbers, maps to show locations, chronological order of key events.
    – Great visuals to engage students like the illustrated Caesar character introducing his plans.
    – Lots of opportunities for student interaction – filling in true/false, mapping exercise, recount writing from perspective of a Briton.
    – Clear explanations of concepts like testudo formation. Vocabulary support provided.
    – Homework reading extract consolidates key learning.

    Overall this is an excellent, comprehensive lesson that provides a very thorough introduction to Caesar’s second invasion. The interactive elements and visuals are excellent for engagement. More differentiation and extension opportunities could make it useful for a wider range of learners. But as presented, it is a robust 5 star lesson for the intended age level.

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Caesar’s Second Invasion of Britain – Part I