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Legends + PDF & Word Files


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Bringing Legends to Life in the Classroom

Many teachers are always seeking new ways to engage students while teaching the vital skills they need to succeed. Finding connections across the curriculum is an effective approach. Legends are a perfect vehicle for building English proficiency and “evidence-based learning” abilities in tandem.

What specifically is meant by evidence-based learning (EBL)? These are cognitive capacities like critical thinking, metacognition, and self-regulation that are proven to maximize understanding and retention of material. Teaching students not just what to learn but how to learn is essential. 

These excellent legend-based resources accomplish the dual objectives of literacy and EBL advancement beautifully. One ready-to-use KS2 lesson on the legend of King Arthur cleverly develops pupils’ skills in analysing the text as a legend while deliberately fostering collaboration, peer assessment and other EBL competencies.

Students begin by recapping features of legends before reading a summary of King Arthur’s story. After reading, they collaboratively answer questions then create artistic tournament posters—advancing literary and teamwork abilities in tandem. The lesson goes on to build metacognition through individual reflection and independent work applying the new knowledge of legends.

There are also engaging lessons on the legends of St. George and the Dragon that teach key English skills through reading, writing, and comprehension activities while integrating self-review and other evidence-based best practices. 

Creative resources like these efficiently teach English and the evidence-based skills vital for academic and lifelong success. Advancing literacy and EBL capabilities together through engaging cross-curricular content keeps students motivated while maximizing classroom time. As the reviews stated, lessons integrating the two focuses receive top marks in my book. I’m excited to bring legends to life in the classroom in this multi-disciplinary way!

These 8 skills are the EBL skills developed across these Legends lessons. Click on each skill to learn more about that skill.

  1. Collaboration
  2. Thinking Skills
  3. Peer Assessment
  4. Peer Teaching
  5. Self-Assessment
  6. Metacognition
  7. Self-Regulation
  8. Independent Learning


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Legends + PDF & Word Files