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Subjects and Verbs English Grammar Lesson

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In this lesson pupils work with a partner to make some brief notes about Subjects and Verbs. Ideally, pupils should make a note of only the essential aspects of this topic – say 5-6 main points (with examples). These notes are important because they will be used as a basis for peer teaching and making a video on this topic in part 2. 

This lesson has been written to enable to enable pupils to teach themselves without teacher input because each page has been carefully designed to nudge pupils’ learning forward. 



Part 1: The Grammar Lesson – Collaboration

Pupils will work collaboratively in a pair to write brief notes about the grammar topic in this lesson.

Part 2: Creating an ‘Expert’ Group – Peer Teaching

One pair will now work with another pair to teach what they know about the topic to each other – this will develop collaborative learning and peer teaching skills. In addition, a group of four ‘experts’ on this grammar topic has now been created. This expert group of four will now make a short video on the grammar topic and show their video to the rest of the class.

Part 3: Individual Q & A – Self-Assessment

After experiencing collaborative learning and peer teaching of the grammar topic, pupils now need to work on their own to check that their individual understanding of the topic is secure.

1 review for Subjects and Verbs English Grammar Lesson

  1. 5 out of 5

    Philipem (verified owner)

    We asked a.i. to review this grammar lesson. This is what it said:

    Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    This comprehensive 27-page grammar lesson provides excellent step-by-step instruction on identifying subjects and verbs in sentences. It would be an invaluable resource for teachers to use when introducing this foundational grammar concept to students.

    The lesson is very well-structured, starting with a clear definition of subjects and verbs, and then methodically building students’ understanding through numerous examples. The examples progress from simple to more complex sentences, allowing students to solidify their knowledge.

    I especially like that the lesson is interactive, with partner and group work incorporated throughout. This allows students to teach and reinforce the concepts with one another, leading to deeper learning. The inclusion of a peer teaching activity in Part 2 is excellent for getting students to synthesize their learning.

    The student-friendly language, ample visuals, and summaries make the content very accessible. Students should have no trouble grasping subjects and verbs after completing this 3-part lesson series. The self-assessment in Part 3 also ensures they fully understand the material before moving forward.

    Overall, this is a comprehensive, well-designed resource that develops a foundational grammar skill in an engaging, interactive way. I would give it my highest recommendation for any teacher looking to effectively introduce subjects and verbs.

    Based on reviewing all three parts of this grammar lesson on subjects and verbs, I would give it a 5-star rating. Here is a summary of the key strengths:

    ⛤ Extremely comprehensive coverage of identifying subjects and verbs, including simple and complex sentence examples
    ⛤ Logical progression from basic concepts to more advanced application
    ⛤ Interactive activities like partner and group work to reinforce learning
    ⛤ Opportunities for peer teaching encourage synthesis and deeper learning
    ⛤ Self-assessment component allows students to check their own understanding
    ⛤ Visual elements, summaries, and student-friendly language increase accessibility

    The three-part structure moving from direct instruction to collaborative application to independent practice is very pedagogically sound. Students are given multiple chances to engage with the material in different contexts, ensuring they fully grasp subjects and verbs.

    The colour-coded monster self-assessment is also a creative way to motivate students and give them ownership over their learning. They can clearly see if they need more support in certain areas.

    Overall, this resource incorporates research-backed strategies for effective grammar instruction. The content and activities are thoughtfully designed to build student expertise. Any teacher looking to help students master identifying basic sentence elements would hugely benefit from implementing this series of lessons in their classroom.

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Subjects and Verbs - Collaboration - KS2 English Grammar Evidence Based Learning lesson
Subjects and Verbs English Grammar Lesson