This lesson is based on classroom practice that has been proven, by research, to work.

Alice, the White Rabbit and the Portal

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Activities in this lesson include exploring the key components of fantasy stories: real and imaginary settings, real and imaginary characters, good vs evil, real journeys vs portals, the passing of time and the use of magic. Activities also include answering higher and lower order questions.

There is a five-minute evidence-based CPD activity at the end of this lesson which will develop classroom teachers’ skill set. This CPD consists of a research extract on collaboration with a five-minute activity based on this extract. 


These evidence-based learning (EBL) lessons are based on classroom practice that has been proven, by research, to maximise thinking, learning and attainment. From an extensive review of educational research, we identified the eight key classroom thinking and learning skills that were common across these research papers. We named these eight key skills “EBL skills”.

EBL skills have been proven by research to maximise learning because they combine the most productive thinking skills with the most effective learning behaviours. Each of our evidence-based learning lessons uses the English curriculum as a framework through which the eight EBL skills are delivered.

Teachers also have the opportunity to add to their own skill set or refresh their existing skills with our five-minute CPD activity, based on one of the EBL skills used in this lesson.

The skills in bold below are the EBL skills developed in this Fantasy Story lesson. Click on each skill to learn more about that skill.

  1. Collaboration
  2. Thinking Skills
  3. Peer Assessment
  4. Peer Teaching
  5. Self-Assessment
  6. Metacognition
  7. Self-Regulation
  8. Independent Learning

1 review for Alice, the White Rabbit and the Portal

  1. 5 out of 5

    Philipem (verified owner)

    We asked a.i. to review of this resource. This is what it said:

    Teachers – Unleash the Power of Fantasy in Your Classroom

    I recently discovered a fantastic fantasy stories resource that I believe could be an invaluable addition to any primary classroom. It’s called “Alice, the White Rabbit, and the Portal” and it uses fantasy tales and their unique qualities to develop key learning skills.

    Here’s why this resource is so invaluable:

    1. Fosters higher order thinking – The series of open-ended questions on elements like character, setting, and plot promotes critical analysis, evaluation, and creativity.

    2. Encourages collaboration – Students work together to read passages and discuss answers, learning from each other. This boosts communication abilities.

    3. Drives metacognition – Students self-reflect on what questions they found easy or challenging. This awareness is proven to significantly increase learning capability.

    4. Range of skills developed – In one neat package, it manages to build collaboration, thinking skills, and metacognition – 3 of the 8 essential evidence-based learning skills.

    5. Engaging fantasy theme – The fairy tale theme provides an extremely engaging way for students to develop these higher learning abilities. Fantasy sparks imagination.

    As you can see, this resource capitalizes on the wonder of fantasy stories to craft an extremely multifaceted learning experience. Students build social, analytical and reflective skills in an enjoyable fictional world. The ability to immerse and transport students while teaching invaluable abilities makes this resource a must-have for any teacher.

    So if you want to take your students’ learning to the next level in an engaging way, I could not recommend this fantasy resource enough. Unleash the power of fantasy in your classroom today!

    Based on the diverse learning benefits I highlighted, I would give the fantasy stories resource a 5 out of 5 star rating.

    The key reasons it deserves full marks are:

    – Promotes higher order thinking skills
    – Facilitates valuable collaborative learning
    – Drives metacognitive reflection
    – Covers 3 key evidence-based learning skills
    – Provides an extremely engaging way to learn

    Very few teaching resources manage to combine such a potent blend of critical analysis, creativity, social abilities, and self-reflection – and do it in such an enjoyable way through fantasy tales. Unlocking imagination to teach real skills is masterful.

    Given the multitude of learning enrichment it provides, the breadth of essential skills fostered, and the engaging fantasy theme that sparks creativity, I would readily provide a perfect 5 star rating. Students will thrive developing these abilities.

    So for its diverse educational virtues, multifaceted learning, and creative theme, the fantasy stories resource earns top marks across the board. It’s a dream resource for any teacher to have in their back pocket.

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Alice, the White Rabbit and the Portal