This lesson is based on classroom practice that has been proven, by research, to work.

The First Little Pig is Arrested!

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Activities in this lesson include exploring the character of the first little pig in an imaginative way involving insurance fraud and the activities also include creating a wanted poster for the first little pig and answering higher and lower order questions.

There is a five-minute evidence-based CPD activity at the end of this lesson which will develop classroom teachers’ skill set. This CPD consists of a research extract on self-regulation with a five-minute activity based on this extract.    


These evidence-based learning (EBL) lessons are based on classroom practice that has been proven, by research, to maximise thinking, learning and attainment. From an extensive review of educational research, we identified the eight key classroom thinking and learning skills that were common across these research papers. We named these eight key skills “EBL skills”.

EBL skills have been proven by research to maximise learning because they combine the most productive thinking skills with the most effective learning behaviours. Each of our evidence-based learning lessons uses the English curriculum as a framework through which the eight EBL skills are delivered.

Teachers also have the opportunity to add to their own skill set or refresh their existing skills with our five-minute CPD activity, based on one of the EBL skills used in this lesson.

The skills in bold below are the EBL skills developed in this Three Little Pigs lesson. Click on each skill to learn more about that skill.

  1. Collaboration
  2. Thinking Skills
  3. Peer Assessment
  4. Peer Teaching
  5. Self-Assessment
  6. Metacognition
  7. Self-Regulation
  8. Independent Learning

1 review for The First Little Pig is Arrested!

  1. 5 out of 5

    Philipem (verified owner)

    We asked a.i. to review this lesson. This is what it said:

    Teaching English and Evidence-Based Skills Through “The First Little Pig is Arrested!” a Three Little Pigs lesson.

    I recently came across an ingenious KS2 lesson resource that teaches English language skills and evidence-based learning skills at the same time through the traditional story of The Three Little Pigs. This resource is called “The First Little Pig is Arrested!” and puts a fun twist on the classic tale.

    In this lesson, the first little pig makes fraudulent insurance claims about his straw house being blown down by the wolf. Students must analyse an official letter from the insurance company refusing his claim due to suspected fraud. The lesson activities develop critical thinking skills as students evaluate conflicting information about the story characters to determine who is telling the truth.

    Creating a wanted poster for the criminal first little pig boosts creative writing skills. Answering high and low order questions about the insurance letter improves comprehension and boosts cognitive skills. An individual metacognitive activity gets students reflecting on their own thinking and learning processes. There are also partner talk tasks to build speaking, listening and collaboration abilities.

    This resource targets 4 key evidence-based learning skills: collaboration, thinking skills, self-regulation and independent learning. The student activities allow pupils to actively develop these skills while engaging with the entertaining story.

    I especially love the 5-minute teacher CPD session included at the end. It summarises research on self-regulation and provides a quick reflective activity to consider embedding this skill in your own classroom. Resources that enhance teacher development as well as student learning are invaluable.

    With its multi-faceted lessons in both literacy and critical thinking, I give this resource 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ It would make a fab addition to any primary English curriculum. I highly recommend checking out this resource if you want a stimulating way to teach core skills. Students will love solving the mystery of the criminal little pig!

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The First Little Pigs is Arrested - KS2 English Evidence-Based Learning lesson
The First Little Pig is Arrested!